Namin’ names, kickin’ butts

Posted on Tue 15 Jun 2010 @ 1.00am UTC







You have arrived.

You are at Learn English or Starve (‘Leos’), where we unashamedly trounce all manners of assorted cattle known to the rest of us normal folks as grammar nazis and lingo lolicons.

This is where these lulz killers are fed into the meat grinder, get their comeuppance, at their own game, and their mistakes and lameness shown up for what they’re worth.

Leos is to grammar fags what Jason Vorhees of Friday the Thirteenth fame is to – well – grammar fags.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, relaxed, satirical oracle elucidation website blog about correct English usage, you’ve come to the wrong place, sport. This is where you’ll see people gutted mercilessly – for their [basic-level] language mistakes or their hypercorrect faggotry. Either way, their faces get raeped.

The focus is on the ever-deteriorating standard of English language in Asian countries over the past 20 years or so because of the sometimes inane (and insane) attitudes of English teachers and of official education policies in this part of the world. Talk about globalisation. Talk about the pathetic results therefrom. For the moment, Leos is sussing out grammarfaggotry in three of the worst offenders – China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. More countries to come, pal, more to come.

(English-speaking countries are not off the hook. Indeed, they are raeped even more furiously than non-English-speaking places because, well, how is it that your own language got so bad/wrong/lame/faggoty when you speak it on a daily basis? Namsayin’?)

For the avoidance of doubt about our blatent racism manifest objectivity erudition extensive research, we’re also planning another blog called Apprendre le français ou mourir de faim – ‘Learn French or Starve’ – or couple of other ones for other languages.

Peace, bro.

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