Site update: Reorganised categories

Posted on Tue 07 Sep 2010 @ 10.14pm UTC

It’s not good news so soon in the game that LEOS has to reorganise categories and tags. But reorganise we must because otherwise every other post will end up with its own category, which isn’t the most rational way for readers.


‘Colour Section’ is now the default category for everything, from roundups to focus pieces on usage and abusage, grammar, language and linguistics, phraseology, policy analyses, WTF and ‘phayles,’ defamatory attacks and many things besides.

‘Guests’ are original pieces by guest bloggers (who are not necessarily bloggers).

‘Lifeskills and Lifehacks’ focuses on the how-to’s, methods and order, techniques, shortcuts, essential-to-know factoids and other stuff you simply have to be hip to in order to get on.

‘Names, Faces, Encounters’ is where you find original interviews and focus pieces on people, personalities and organisations for doing things in reverse of what you find in the Street of Shame.

‘Reading and Thinking Matter’ for stuff to read (and think) about, including musings from the Management.

‘Street of Sham’ is the whole reason why you came here in the first place. Find your favourite hall-of-famers for their policy or philosophical gaffes, political overcorrectness and wankery, and linguistic scumbaggery.

‘Site Updates’ contain pointless messages like this one.


Posts are now organised by their tags. You’re never likely to be searching for specific posts anyway, so why bother with extra, unnecessary work?

Hasta luego, baby, see you in Hell.

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