How many languages do you know?

Posted on Fri 17 Sep 2010 @ 8.47am UTC

Tell us which languages you know — the ones you speak or read well enough to manage everyday life, deal with people in the street or the shops, or could handle 1/4th of the newspaper or TV headlines you see.

Scroll down for the disclaimer.


Multiple answers acceptable. Tick all that is true for you. Finish and move on.

As a rough guide, if you have a notional/vague understanding of 1/4th (one quarter) of the newspaper or TV headlines you see or hear, then you qualify one tick in the tickbox.

If you have to rely on a phrasebook or something to get by for everyday stuff, then you don’t know enough yet. Sorry.

Results show immediately after you press Vote. Final, combined results will come later in a dedicated post. Stay tuned.

This poll closes on 17 October 2010. Your taking part is always appreciated. Thank you.


No personal information knowingly collected or tracked on you by the poll. We can’t be bothered to do that because it’s too hard to do because you won’t let us collect because we’re not getting paid to do this because it isn’t fun. Alright?

Like House, LEOS only cares about percentages. If your ego is so inflated that you want to be identified, then contact LEOS for an exclusive interview at your favourite watering hole. You’re buying.

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