Site Update: Holiday Season

Posted on Wed 12 Dec 2012 @ 7.33pm UTC


’TIS the season of giving and goodwill, good cheer and to be fearless notwithstanding the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet To Come.

Learn English or Starve is taking a rest from regularly scheduled programming on account of weather — well, actually, the holiday season. The various malingers and I who make up LEOS will take time out and spend quality time with family and friends —plus motorbike rides around town in my fringed leather biker jacket with a couple of under-imaginative but over-promiscuous chicks in the back.

Holiday coverage

Meanwhile, we’ve scheduled some short, standalone stories (‘floaters’) on some interesting English words or phrases in common currency but not usually found in other language-related sites to keep you entertained.

Post-holiday coverage

Regularly scheduled programming resumes after the holidays in January 2013. We’ll also revert to our regular light-coloured design theme then.

We’re taking a gamble that the Mayans had been wrong and our world won’t end on 21 December this year. So LEOS will pick up various matters outstanding from this year — including the hard-to-miss xenophobic/racist furore over the word scholarism.

If the world does end on 21 December 2012, then nothing matters anymore. Then you win and we lose.

Wishing all of our readers a happy holiday season and the very best for the new year.

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