Why the stars in ‘bad’ words?

Posted on Tue 21 Oct 2014 @ 4.27pm UTC

WHY do people put in ‘stars’ when writing foul words, when they know others know full well what the real words are?

So it’s pretty pointless to use the asterisk (*) or some exes (“XXX”) to replace letters in the cuss word. Everybody knows (and can see) what the word is anyway. Trying to hide it from children? Please, kids know these words almost the moment they’ve learnt to speak.

Isn’t this just plain hypocrisy?

The long and short of it is this:

Mostly because people don’t want to be too direct about it when writing words like fu*k, c*nt, sh*t, f*ckface, etc, especially in a public setting like a public article or discussion forum. A direct use sometimes will get the user banned on some sites. Profanity is good once in a while, but it’s just fucking not on all the time.

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