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Origin of the name ‘grammar nazi’

May 10, 2015


Everything you almost wanted to know about the name 'grammar nazi,' when my grammar is gooder than yours.

Not black and white (Part 3)

June 3, 2012


FROM PART 2 IT IS astonishing to see from the two previous parts of this article that the typical stuff of grammarhead hectoring often all occur in a single session of almost any type of debate or argument about language or grammar, online or in real life that you’d care to name. Perhaps even more remarkable is that the stuff should […]

Not black and white (2/3)

May 16, 2012


← PREVIOUS (Part 1)     |     NEXT (Part 3) → BEFORE WE CONTINUE with our survey of grammarhead peeves, here is an attitude towards language that you’ll almost never find in the English-speaking world:— “Languages are so fascinating and the way how they change. In Finland we start to learn English at the age of 9 […]

Not black and white: the realities of the English language

May 16, 2012


NEXT (Part 2) → GRAMMAR WONKS luuurve to yank your chain or set your teeth on edge with their pronouncements (formal or authoritative statements) and prognostications (predictions) about usage, abusage and decline of the English language. To hear some of these wonks speak (or “speaking down the throats” of others, as British-Hungarian humorist George Mikes once wrote), […]

Bloody ’ell, wotcha bleedin’ attitude

March 19, 2012


AS SOME OF YOU have gathered already, my other blog (The Naked Listener’s Weblog) is on furlough until further notice. (If perchance you are unfamiliar with the word furlough, you should head straight to this article instead. Then go furlough yourself afterwards.) My upstairs neighbour Johnny remarked that the arseholes people who have upset me […]