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Ramping up the scholarly flak

December 2, 2012


’ERE WE GO AGAIN! Yet another post about that long-running saga (sago?) on the word scholarism that’s also the name of a Hong Kong student protest group. Learn English or Starve has gotten lots of off-site flak (German: fliegerabwehrkanone, lit. ‘aeroplane defence cannon’: anti-aircraft fire — as if you didn’t know already) for our two […]

‘Scholarism’? Is it edible?

September 1, 2012


“I know you’re smart. But I hope you didn’t make the classic smart person’s mistake of thinking you’re smarter than everybody.” — Carl Van Loon to Eddie Morra in the movie Limitless (2011) IF there’s one thing worse than seeing our best and brightest go off at a tangent and waste their precious youth on […]

Value of your degree in today’s world

November 3, 2011


Here is a thread on Reddit that really, really shows what the man (or woman) in the street has found out about the real-life value of a university degree: Value of a college degree | Reddit | 03 Nov 2011 The thread is longish, but worth the read. A selection of the most apposite […]

Training kids to be disingenuous

October 27, 2010

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This is a cross-post from our sister blog, The Naked Listener’s Weblog. * * * ‘Training kids to be disingenuous’ Marci Segal brings to our attention the negative effects of the intellectual hide-and-seek antics that schoolteachers and academics play on schoolchildren. Read the full post at the weblink: Marci Segal is Canada’s first accredited Creativity […]

Active language is active thinking

September 29, 2010


TAKE THESE two sentences: The Irish and Welsh were discriminated against by the English at that time. (1) (13 words) At that time, the English discriminated against the Irish and Welsh. (2) (11 words) ↓ Why is the second sentence so much easier to understand? ↓ Why is it so much shorter (by 15.4%)? ↓ […]

Making mistakes is normal

September 18, 2010

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You can't learn properly if you don't make mistakes and, by extension, you can't teach properly if you don't normalise errors when people gets it wrong.

Pronunciation is as much good English as good grammar

September 9, 2010


Good pronunciation makes for a good first impression. When people understand you, many good things can come to you.