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Native fluency: Racially inspired response

October 22, 2011


THE ESTEEMED SUBSCRIBER, who inspired my dedicated response “Native fluency: A naively native response” to an earlier article, has put in another brilliant comment — again deserving of another dedicated post! You now have empirical proof of the astoundingly high quality of Learn English or Starve and its readers. Quality of life just improved by knowing this. […]

Native fluency: A naively native response

October 21, 2011


AN ESTEEMED SUBSCRIBER wrote a superb comment yesterday on our featured article “Native fluency, or just naive fluency?” It deserves a dedicated response. N.B. The subscriber’s comment relates to Chinese learners and about learning English, but the theme of the comment is valid for all nationality of learners and the learning of any language. I […]

Native fluency, or just naive fluency?

August 18, 2011


A SUBSCRIBER graciously posed an interesting, though often-asked, question: “I almost never use slang and shy away from some uncertain idioms like the ones in this lesson, because it’s very hard for a second-language speaker to feel them exactly. For example, when I was reading the annotations the other day and one of you commented […]