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Nothing but a quimming linguanophile

July 3, 2013

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The newest entry in our Glossary is 'linguist,' we'll have you believe...

To lah or not lah, that is the question

July 7, 2012


Updated 07 July 2012 (correcting ‘parallel’ in ledegraf) THE FOLLOWING is the latest addition to the Glossary page. * * * SINGLISH — or more pretentiously, Colloquial Singaporean English — is a brand of super-retarded, non-language form of the English language spoken by those who reside in that rat-raced cosmo city-state located on 1° parallel north of the Equator at the […]

Site Update: Glossary

May 10, 2012

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FROM THE MANAGEMENT Learn English or Starve has updated the Glossary page with a new entry: Scots English Scottish English: The English as spoken in Scotland. Trust the Scots to start a sentence with excellent diction and finish like a punch-drunk peasant. Bring out your blended Scotch whiskies, please. © Learn English or Starve, 2012. Image via […]

New glossary entry: ‘Native fluency’

March 18, 2012


(Updated 18 March 2012 to fix typos and broken links) NEW ENTRY ADDED to the Glossary with links to related articles, which should please some of us no end but probably the worst-possible answer to those seeking to ‘achieve’ the below. * * * native fluency See also ADJ and ADV [in the Glossary] Related: elitespeak, irrelephant, grammarfreak, peevologist [in the Glossary]. Native […]

Update: Abbreviations page now renamed Glossary

October 21, 2010

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From the management The Abbreviations page is now renamed Glossary to better reflect the nature of the entries there. Please visit the Glossary by clicking the link below: