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Prepositioning for failure

November 19, 2012


YOU have only one job and one job only, yet… As you may have noticed, the chart tries to give us a sense of various English prepositions. A preposition [prep-puh-zish-uhn, /ˌprəpəˈzɪʃən/] is a part of speech that shows the relationship of one word to another so as to provide spatial, figurative or some other meaning […]

Grammar deconstructed according to grammarkillaz

October 21, 2010


Every time someone uses bad grammar or spelling, you can still understand what they are saying, so grammar can be ridiculous and stupid. But grammar can be a money-printing machine.

Picking tenses

September 2, 2010


English tenses are not for picking on a whim. You just can't pick and use any ole' tense to use just because you're too much of a dumbferk to realise you're doin' it wrong.