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Just don’t do it

July 7, 2015

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Originally posted on language: a feminist guide:
This week everyone’s been talking about an article in the Economist explaining how men’s use of language undermines their authority. According to the author, a senior manager at Microsoft, men have a bad habit of punctuating everything they say with sentence adverbs like ‘actually’, ‘obviously’, ‘seriously’ and ‘frankly’.…

How not to describe your job

January 16, 2011


You don't earn brownie points when you use the wrong kind of words in your job description: curate vs. curator.

Our bloody English heritage

September 17, 2010


The bloody, war-wracked history of England gives us a little insight into why our English language the way it is: visceral, direct, forceful and eschewing many of the linguistic niceties seen in other languages.

Pronunciation is as much good English as good grammar

September 9, 2010


Good pronunciation makes for a good first impression. When people understand you, many good things can come to you.

Scribbling re TV language

September 2, 2010


Found a note I wrote from my paperwork: 17 March 2010 @ 01.20 As I sit in my office dealing with sensible stuff, I have the telly on just a few feet away. The Pearl Report is doing a hall-of-fame kind of report on a local Hong Kong politician. The English in Hong Kong is […]

Picking tenses

September 2, 2010


English tenses are not for picking on a whim. You just can't pick and use any ole' tense to use just because you're too much of a dumbferk to realise you're doin' it wrong.

How to learn a language

August 28, 2010

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Two posts from those who know what they are talking about when learning a language. And don’t forget to read the comments in the posts. Learning a language for busy people – Language learning: how to use your new skill –


August 3, 2010

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Latest musing from our sister blog at The Naked Listener’s Weblog: